Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Motivation for hearing healthcare if you are older and have a hearing loss

If you know an older person who has hearing loss but lacks motivation to seek treatment, you will be interested to learn about a study just out from Johns Hopkins University (N. A. Reed et al., 2018), which presents powerful factoids that you can share to motivate this person to seek treatment. In a study spanning 10 years, the researchers found the following to be true of older adults with untreated hearing loss, as compared to peers with normal hearing: • They incurred 46% higher healthcare costs ($22,434 per person over the ten years) • They were 50% more likely to have a hospital stay and 44% more likely to be readmitted within 30 days • They were 17% more likely to visit an emergency room • They were 40% more likely to have depression Although it is unclear how much improvement would have occurred had this group received hearing healthcare treatment, the authors suggest that because conversations are difficult for them, they might be less likely to pursue medical care and less likely to experience successful conversations with their doctors when they do. clEAR auditory brain training: An important component of hearing healthcare for adults of every age www.clearworks4ears.com hashtaghealthcare hashtaghearingaids hashtagauditorytraining hashtaghearingloss
EARs Train the Brain

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