Tuesday, June 26, 2018

What people with hearing loss say about clEAR auditory brain training

Research tells us that patients benefit from and enjoy participating in auditory training programs. clEAR is an auditory brain training program that aims to teach the brain to recognize and process the important speech sounds that you want to hear, even when there is competing noise. Here are just a few of our patients' endorsements after training with clEAR:

* “I went to a wedding and was surprised at how well I heard even though the hall was noisy. The clEAR auditory training has really helped me.”
                          An experienced hearing aid user.
* “Thanks to clEAR, I don’t give up like I used to when I couldn’t understand someone. Now, I hang in there and pay attention and usually do really well.”
                          Someone who isn’t ready for hearing aids.
* “My son loves playing the clEAR games!”
                           Mother of a teenager who has hearing loss.

Interested in trying clEAR yourself? Visit our website at www. clearworks4ears.com to learn more. You can also sign-up for a clEAR training session at www.goo.gl/6NataH. (see also the two tabs below).

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clEAR auditory brain training is now even more accessible to people with hearing loss!

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